Monday, June 27, 2011

Delta airlines - employees still have anti nursing attitudes

Re posted - statement from Local Fairbanks, Alaskan mom ( a friend of mine) about her experience on a recent Delta Airlines flight.  

Re-posted here so I can pass the word along for those not in the local FB group. Delta has apparently been deleting comments on their facebook page about this issue. 

On Delta flight DL223 from Amsterdam to Seattle a male flight attendant approached me and asked me in a rude manner to cover up or go to the bathroom when nursing my two year old son. When I tried to inform him of the law he cut me of. He even tried to tell me that it was the federal law to cover up. 

The supervising flight attendant was nice enough and positive about nursing but still emphasized covering up.
On this long flight that i was on with two small children i felt trapped and decided to use a blanket. But I am not going to put up with this humiliating kind of treatment.

We have rights and there are laws. I am organizing a nurse in on Wednesday, 6/29 at 4.30pm at the delta counter at Fairbanks International Airport. I invite everybody to join. Even if you don't nurse come for support. 
I am also reaching out to mothers in other cities. Go to the delta counter in your town on Wednesday and remind them of our rights!


  1. Ugh. I am so sorry to hear that this happened. No Mother should ever be told to breastfeed in a bathroom, especially on a plane. Or cover up? Who wants to eat with fabric over their head/face? I am posting a link to this on twitter & FB.

  2. This is terrible. Delta owes nursing moms and children an apology for not sufficiently training their employees. A plane bathroom is highly unsanitary, and I know for certain that covering a child makes for a traumatic if not impossible nursing experience. I wish I could have attending the nurse in.