Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogging addict.

Sister blog to my homeschooling blog about homeschooling Barefooted Family . I'm trying to keep that one mostly about homeschooling but I have some ideas for blogs that are a little more broad then that so here I am with yet another blog. It's almost like live journal except I hope that someone besides my friends (who I already know like me) will read it and maybe even benefit from it....Somehow.

 So here expect some posts about being a mommy, about attachment parenting, pregnancy, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and gentle discipline. But also expect a little homemaker goodness, recipes, maybe some green cleaning tips. Expect some about being a free feminist eco loving tree hugger hippie but at the same time being a fairly modest head coverer pagan/quaker/unitarian unilateralist.  I knit (kind of) I sew (sort of) and I craft. I love to play with my kids and do the laundry. I love to help other women bring their babies into the world as a childbirth educator, a doula, and (someday) a midwife. I like to help others naturally keep their pregnancies and children healthy via herbs. and i love life.