Thursday, December 9, 2010


So okay i'm not technically  QF mom. I wont be 'leaving it in gods hands' at 35 i'm done personally having my own children as I feel a 1 in 200 chance of mental retardation is too high a chance but until then? sure. And i certainly never plan on going back on the pills. once I hit that point where I feel I am too old to be baring any more children (or there are medical issues with having more children) DH will go ahead and get the big V but until then.... yeah okay i would like DS2 to be more like 2 1/2 before the next baby comes.... but am i going to do anything to avoid pregnancy? nope.

Do I want 6 kids? 7? 8? YES. yes i do. and I hope it works out that way. Many of my 'own'. then I would like to adopt 1 or 2 and once those kids are out of the house, foster.
 Project: never have an empty nest.

As pointed out I'm not christan so I hate to use the word quiverful but where are the other secular quiverful moms out there? they must be.... somewhere. If 'educated socially and environmentally conscience people' have none, or 1 or 2 children but those people ( you know those people) have children, lots of children where will this world be? What kind of adults will grow up and inherit our world? How will they treat the earth and other people?

Ever watched the movie idiocracy? Okay yeah, it's a dumb no thought needed movie but really... think about it. If only those people reproduce what hope is there?

 Isn't it my duty to raise the children of tomorrow? To try and make the world a better place for everyone? Not just for when I am here but when my children's children's children are here?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Covering your head.

So I'm obsessed with 'covering' as it's called. The practice of one cover their head with a bonnet, hat, or scarf.

The bible makes references to a womens hair being her cover which has been interpreted as both a woman growing her hair long for the grace of god and to cover her hair and also as woman being commanded by god to cover their hair with a hat of some sort. Islamic law also says a woman (and a man) should cover their head, and even orthodox jews believe that both men and women should cover their head to remind them always that there is something above them.  When one thinks of covering people often thing of stereotypes such as mennonites, muslims, or the amish.

My problem? I'm a hard core democratic socialist hippie pagan. 

So why do I cover my head? Good question. Answer? I have no idea. Off and on for years I've covered but only in the last 2 years have I been doing it everyday. I feel called to it. When I am without it I feel almost naked. I have no rational explanation for it... I don't even have a good religious excuse. And yet here I am, coveting my neighbors bonnet.

I've talked to some other pagans who have a similar calling. Some interesting points have been raised. For instance, the idea of remembering that there is something above you is an appealing concept. Also there is the idea that it is used to block others negative energy's, there is argument of modesty, or even that it is used as a shield to hide in.

I have no conclusion yet. I can only at this time admit defeat and go ahead and order that custom made knapp bonnet I've been lusting after for the last year. I'm sure I will return to this topic. Join me for the ride?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogging addict.

Sister blog to my homeschooling blog about homeschooling Barefooted Family . I'm trying to keep that one mostly about homeschooling but I have some ideas for blogs that are a little more broad then that so here I am with yet another blog. It's almost like live journal except I hope that someone besides my friends (who I already know like me) will read it and maybe even benefit from it....Somehow.

 So here expect some posts about being a mommy, about attachment parenting, pregnancy, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and gentle discipline. But also expect a little homemaker goodness, recipes, maybe some green cleaning tips. Expect some about being a free feminist eco loving tree hugger hippie but at the same time being a fairly modest head coverer pagan/quaker/unitarian unilateralist.  I knit (kind of) I sew (sort of) and I craft. I love to play with my kids and do the laundry. I love to help other women bring their babies into the world as a childbirth educator, a doula, and (someday) a midwife. I like to help others naturally keep their pregnancies and children healthy via herbs. and i love life.