Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Covering your head.

So I'm obsessed with 'covering' as it's called. The practice of one cover their head with a bonnet, hat, or scarf.

The bible makes references to a womens hair being her cover which has been interpreted as both a woman growing her hair long for the grace of god and to cover her hair and also as woman being commanded by god to cover their hair with a hat of some sort. Islamic law also says a woman (and a man) should cover their head, and even orthodox jews believe that both men and women should cover their head to remind them always that there is something above them.  When one thinks of covering people often thing of stereotypes such as mennonites, muslims, or the amish.

My problem? I'm a hard core democratic socialist hippie pagan. 

So why do I cover my head? Good question. Answer? I have no idea. Off and on for years I've covered but only in the last 2 years have I been doing it everyday. I feel called to it. When I am without it I feel almost naked. I have no rational explanation for it... I don't even have a good religious excuse. And yet here I am, coveting my neighbors bonnet.

I've talked to some other pagans who have a similar calling. Some interesting points have been raised. For instance, the idea of remembering that there is something above you is an appealing concept. Also there is the idea that it is used to block others negative energy's, there is argument of modesty, or even that it is used as a shield to hide in.

I have no conclusion yet. I can only at this time admit defeat and go ahead and order that custom made knapp bonnet I've been lusting after for the last year. I'm sure I will return to this topic. Join me for the ride?


  1. I started covering because it felt right long before I had a "reason". I sort of have a religious reason now, but sort of not so much. Mostly it feels right. My "religious reason" is that as I think of myself like a married woman, and (observant) married women in my religion (but mostly not so much in my synogogue) cover their hair. But then, I'm not married yet. To be perfectly honest, I'm still not sure quite why I cover, it just feels right. I'm glad there are other ladies like that.

  2. I saw your blog mentioned on MDC.
    I keep flirting with this path. No one I know IRL covers, and I belong to a liberal/progressive branch of Judaism, so I don't have the figleaf of religion either. Right now when people ask me why I'm wearing a headscarf I say it's because I'm growing my hair out and I'm having a bad hair day. :)

  3. Another liberal socialist hippie pagan mama who covers as well. I know a few other pagans/wiccans who cover. One of them does it because they are heavy into reconstructionism, and as we all know every woman covered back in the day regardless of religion. The other one covers because, as she put it, "hair is an antenna and I am careful of what I want to pick up on". I like her theory a lot, and use it as one of my many reasons as to why I cover. Mainly I cover simply because I want to. It is an extension of the private person that I am. It's difficult to cover in the summer (I live in the desert) so I don't cover ALL the time, but I do most of the time.